Some of The Best and The Worst Tradeshow Tactics


For many exhibitors, trade show is the most awaited event of the year. It gives them an opportunity to meet and greet their customers in the most exciting way. They not only get noticed ( if first timers) but also help leverage their marketing scheme successfully. Trade shows can be used as platform to attract the passersby and convert them in to leads. We are offering some of the best and the worst ideas that you should keep in mind before landing on the place of opportunities. So let’s get started-

    1. Funny Characters: That is a heartbreaking idea, you should understand that it’s not a amusement park for kids and you should never think about bringing a clown to the next trade show.
    2. Kiddy Tricks: Magic can attract but certainly not impress! How can you develop leads by employing a magician to do few magic tricks that would never cease to allure anyone in this time and age.
    3. Relaxation Therapy: Wow ! sounds great to pull traffic, but not so lucrative. This can invite people to relax down and have a head or foot massage but seriously, is this ever going to provide you leads? Think about it, just avoid .
    4. Literature: Alright, that’s an awesome idea for book lovers and those who are really curious literally buffs. Many successful vendors have opted this method to attract attendees and win over them. There is an author at their respective booth, who has written a book on a problem and how to fix it. The author is distributing books for free, in fact the writer is indirectly telling this to the visitors that these people shall fix your problem so take their services. Sounds great?


  • Delicacies: Who doesn’t love food? A gooey taste of the cheese and the crunchiness of the veggies can immediately melt your heart even at just a thought of it. Tempting isn’t it? Sure enough , this method can pull people to your booth with just a whiff of any delicacy.
  • Freebie: A good option to invite more people to the booth in no time. Giveaways are a favorite part of any expo and Americans love it anyways. Branded t-shirts notebooks, laptop cases, pens, back up mobile power supplies will definitely highlight your brand, specially for corporate people. What never fails in this category? “Coffee and beer” .
  • Games and Interaction: One great inviting factor is ‘ Fun interaction’ and it can be achieved by organizing game sessions. You can invite People to take a break from their long walks and play skeeball. Once they drop in, strike a meaningful conversation with them.
  • PR: A brilliant step to insure good publicity that is intelligently executed and directed at your targeted customers. Many successful exhibitors vouch for successful results achieved through excellent methodology adopted by PR Agencies. Media too can prove to be good partner when it comes to influencing audience for a particular brand or product.

These were some of the best and the worst tactics that you can use/not use at the trade show. No matter if you are a regular or a new comer, these ideas will surely guide you and motivate you to develop your own marketing scheme. Hopefully a successful one !