Ten Hot Tips for a Successful Exhibition


An exhibiting company can go to great lengths to ensure the success of their display. They will make sure that their brand is highlighted well before the audience using exemplary trade show booth.

They will use the best of graphics and branding to ensure that the booth design looks great compared to the others on the day of the event. But all of this effort can go to waste if the exhibiting staff is not as equally well trained to present at the event.

Statistics show that some of the highest quality leads can be made at exhibitions, since these are places where investors come in to actively seek out businesses to partner with. The conversion rate at exhibitions can also be high if an exhibitor plays their cards right. Use these ten hot tips to ensure a successful exhibition:

1: Let your staff know the cost of exhibiting

Whenever you are working with any team, it is important to get everyone on the same page. Transparency is appreciated by people, and it also can ensure loyalty from your staff. In the case of an exhibition it is easy for exhibiting staff to get carried away and waste time on long breaks or catching up with out of town friends. When they are shown the actual costs of having them at the exhibition booth, they are usually surprised and then make it their personal goal to be present at the booth at all times.

2: Understand that exhibition attendees are active customers

You can better work on the presentation once you understand the huge potential before you. The attendees at the exhibitions are those who are actively seeking out business opportunities and will therefore take any presentation at face value. Understanding this is crucial to getting your display right and making it the best it can be.

3: Discuss the uniqueness of exhibitions

Exhibitions present a unique place to conduct business. Since delegates meet face to face, they adopt a relaxed approach when they meet thus ensuring that conversions occur successfully.

4: Remember that each visitor is one of a kind

Visitors cannot be bucketed and given the same treatment by the exhibiting staff. Each visitor comes from a different background giving a different opportunity for the way they should be shown the presentation. This is what the exhibitor needs to keep in mind as they explain their business to them, so that it really appeals to that individual visitor.

5: Work within the time limit

Attendees at exhibitions have a lot of booths to cover in a limited period of time. They have to be able to go to all of the different booths and listen to a lot of presentations. They therefore will have limited time or patience when it comes to hearing out a long presentation. Keep your presentation short and effective, making sure that it does not cross the ten minute limit.

6: Keep in mind your primary goals

It is easy to get carried away and think that you are at the exhibition to merely give out goodies to all visitors to the booth. Remember that you are there to get conversions and work towards that.

7: Use SMART goals

If you are having trouble keeping your goals in mind, you can use the SMART formula to get your objectives in place. Make them Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

8: Secure quality leads

A quality lead is not just a name, but a name that comes with information. Find out what your visitors designation is, who they work for and get all of their contact details at the event.

9: Don’t forget to follow up

There is no point of all of the hard work put in at the exhibition if you are going to end up with a bunch of numbers that nobody bothers to call. Segregate your leads into those who are highly interested, those who are mildly interested, so that you know whom to call and within what timeframe after the event.

10: Have fun

After all this work, don’t forget to enjoy every minute of your time at the exhibition!