Why Renting a Trade Show Booth Makes More Sense Than Buying?


If you are a blue-chip corporation, an established brand or even a new market entrant, you can find the answer to the question on renting or buying a trade show booth design by asking yourself what matters- value creation or cost control?

Ask marketing executives that participate in a trade show and you shall arrive at a consensus that a trade show agenda is marketing driven not cost-based.

Great brands are built on the basis of the value-based model, not on cost control. To seek complete clarity on what will be the best option for your brand, i.e.

whether to buy or rent your trade show booth stand, we make it easier for you to make the choice with a list of reasons ranging from project management, fulfillment of marketing goals, trade show strategy and finances as follows:


1. Receive Complete Project Management And Consulting


Renting a trade show booth opens up avenues to receiving maximum aid and assistance from your trade show designer and builder. For instance, if you buy a booth stand, you become the whole and sole owner of it and responsible for all the related management of it.

On the other hand, renting your booth makes it easier for it to consult your booth partner for every small development taking place in the development of the structure.

It becomes the responsibility of the service provider to offer their best and most effective project management and consulting services before, during and after your trade show participation, that makes it a secure and comfortable experience for your marketing team.


2. Turnkey Solutions Are Hassle Free Than Modular Trade Show Booth


Turnkey booth solutions are those where you just have to enter a trade show event and start utilizing the services of your booth display, without being concerned with setting-up any of its initiations.

With the modular trade show booth that you have bought, you tend to become bound with following all the required activities needed to maintain your booth stand in the top shape all by yourself.

Imagine how much easier it would become for your team to stay free from any additional hassles or challenges related to managing your booth stand prior to the event, or even after the commencement of it.

Trade show display rentals are handed over to you by your booth partner for utilization in the perfect shape with opportunities to enable you to maximize your business growth.


3. The Value Is In The Trade Show Booth Design


Modular booth stands are also restrictive in the sense that it doesn’t leave you with the option of tweaking the booth design as per the changes in your marketing strategies.

If you are a blue chip corporation, participating in different trade shows would require you to make distinctive changes to suit the convenience and nature of the event time and again.

You can achieve this by simply renting a booth design that adheres to all the requirements for the particular trade show event, to enable you to get access to maximize returns on your investments every time you participate in a trade show event.


 4. The Value Is In The Large Scale Printing Capabilities


Rental booth allows the exhibitors to experiment with different layout configurations to make their brand stand out and achieve maximum impact. The magnitude of trade shows events differs on the basis of location, season and market segment.

Having a one booth display to be deployed at any type of trade show event without the option of alternating its design and graphic presentation would result in unwanted and undesirable consequences for your brand.

Instead, choose to hire a booth rental on the basis of the nature and theme of your trade show event that showcases your brand offerings in the best way with the right graphics, images and other visually-accelerated content to achieve better results with your trade show participation.


5. The Value Is In The Deployment Of Immersive Technology


There is a big difference between participating in a low-key exhibition, and a high-end trade show event that welcomes and invites business professionals from across the world.

If you already purchased a booth stand to utilize in a local event and achieved success, do not keep similar expectations when you participate with the same in a big trade show event.

When the competition is tough, you need to upscale your exhibiting techniques as well.

Using immersive techniques in your booth stand would lead your team to create a greater impact on your targeted prospect.

Based on the nature and requirement of your trade show event, you can incorporate all the desirable elements of immersive technology in your rented booth stand and achieve the best results on a sure shot basis.


6. Local Knowledge Across Demographics Matters


Being able to put your brand message across the trade show visitors becomes the biggest challenge for your marketing team with modular booth stands.

If you had bought a trade show booth stand to exhibit at an event somewhere in the northern part of the United States, don’t expect that you will be reached with the similar zest by the visitors that will arrive at the similar booth in a destination located in any southern state.

Different demographics require different approaches to impress your key trade show audience.

This can only be achieved when you consult an expert booth partner that holds the expertise to create booth stands catering to diversities of cultures, language, and ethnicity, and deploy a booth rental to suit your particular marketing needs.


7. Don’t Pre-Commit Financial Resources Assuming The Scope of Trade Shows


With the buying of a trade show booth stand, all your resources get blocked in a certain way. This puts extra pressure on your marketing team to gather maximum output from an exhibition that often results in failure.

Pre-committing a fixed monetary amount and expecting similar results for your revenue growth would only lead to the expansion of the challenges for your marketing team across all your trade show participation.

Bringing out the maximum returns on your investments are ascertained only when you define your budget outlay on a show-to-show basis.

This works best with renting a booth display for every event rather than buying it once and expecting similar positive results with every exhibiting experience.


8. Custom Trade Show Booths Are Available At Low Costs


Owning a custom trade show booth comparatively required a huge investment over renting the same for a limited time and to achieve a distinctive marketing goal.

Suppose an exhibition invites you to exhibit during the Christmas season and requires you to put your best offers on display with a particular Christmas theme.

How will you be going to make the customizations in your existing custom booth that already extracted a huge portion of your marketing budget?

The better option is to partner and collaborate with a trade show booth designers and developer that understand all your key booth requirements and offer you a custom rental booth in an attractive and affordable price.


 9. Consider A Reusable Trade Show Booth If  You Have An Active Calendar


Utilizing a trade show booth on a recurrent basis across multiple events would require you to keep it in the best format all times. This would incur extra costs on your marketing team to overlook any visible signs of damages on your booth stand.

It not only increases the burden of your team but leaves you with a load of hassles in the long run.

If you have an active calendar that requires you to participate in trade show events on a regular basis, consider renting a booth display that is sturdy, durable, and reusable without concerning over the maintenance and upkeep of it after the conclusion of your trade show participation.


10. Stay Close To Competition But Differentiate Your Trade Show Booth


Trade shows are all about bringing out your key brand differentiators before your targeted prospects to fare better than your competitors.

With constant changes and relative developments in technology, it is necessary for your team to portray your best brand features every time you participate in an exhibition.

This becomes a tough task to achieve when you have limited options with a modular booth structure.

You must have the power to make all the necessary modifications required to stay one step ahead of your competitors, and being able to differentiate your products at the same time. Booth rentals work best in such competing scenarios.


11. Set Free From Resource Engagement On Ground


The most advantageous aspect of renting a trade show booth rather than buying it is that you get freed of the responsibilities of managing it on the site of the event.

Your booth partner undertakes the complete responsibility to manage the installation, disassembly, storage, drayage, and transportation of your booth stand that eliminates maximum hassles of your marketing team.

It also leaves them with an ample amount of time to focus on their marketing strategies and accumulating business leads.

At last, we can successfully conclude that the decision of buying or renting a trade show booth is marketing driven, rather than being accounting based.

While making a decision to choose the deployment mode of your booth stand, consider the top line and bottom line impact than the costs.

Look at the numbers for debt servicing and fixed costs, and not just the sales growth to get the complete picture of your trade show strategy.