The Intelligent Era of Trade Show Technology


Which is the toughest challenge faced by salespersons at trade shows? With a sea of exhibitor brands positioned at different trade show booths and the milling crowds of visitors at the event premises, there is a high proportion of noise that distracts visitors.

Salespersons that have participated in trade shows can tell it from first hand experiences that when trade show visitors keep walking down the aisle in batches throughout the day, it becomes very difficult for them to spot an interested visitor, gauge the object of their interest and further engage them in a conversation.

As such even the most meticulous training given to trade show displays salespersons, the deployment of the best trade show booth displays and exhibit rentals and even the most intense planning can be rendered futile owing to the paucity of time to deliver brand messages to the visitors. At trade shows, marketing communication at a glance is the foremost and toughest challenge to resolve.

For exhibitors to convey their brand messages fast and smooth, they need to look to embrace means and ways that require minimum human intervention, brand copy and time.

The answer to the challenge of delivering brand messages at a glance lies in the intelligent deployment of trade show technology and its integration with exhibit rentals to simplify, streamline and speed up brand messaging in a permissible window of at best 5  to 7 seconds.

Here are some of the key areas that allow for intelligent deployment of technology by trade show exhibit builders.


Deploy 360 Degree Videography to Showcase Offerings

The use of video content by brands is on the rise. A new dimension that trade show exhibit builders can add to the booth rental is the deployment of 360 degree videography to bring alive the brand offerings.

Verticals like real estate, travel & tourism, health care, automobile, real estate, infrastructure and consumer durables can redefine the positioning of their offerings by using 360 degree videography to scale up visual sensory experiences and make the visitors participate in the experience of being there at the moment of truth.

Deploying technology in trade show booths has major benefits. It offers scalability, reduces time and effort and augments the quality of brand messaging to visitors at trade shows instantaneously.

As the technological landscape evolves more exhibit builders will lean on the use of technology to resolve brand messaging challenges at trade shows to create maximum impact in a short span of time.


Use Robotics to Showcase Technological Excellence and Exude Fun Appeal

No, this is not a scene from a Walt Disney film to amuse children. Boredom kills brands.

In the B2B segment there are several instances when salespersons in their over zeal to come across as being professional, commoditize their brand and allow competition to sweep their brand under the carpet.

That, which does not arouse attention, does not arouse interest, desire and action. If the trade show budget permits use robotics as an add-on to embellish the conventional exhibit rentals.

Remember the Toyota advertisement featuring an intelligent robot with the punch line: “The Power of Dreams”?

The deployment of a robot to interact with visitors, answer queries, deliver a technical presentation or a product demo can bring alive the experiential marketing of the most professional audiences.


Allow Visitors to Participate in the Trade Show with Touch Screen Walls

Conventional trade show marketing involves brands disseminating information through copies of brand content, exhibit rentals and displays.

With the advent of touch screen technology, it is possible to enable visitors to interact, communicate with the brand and participate in the trade show proceedings in equal measure.

Deploy touch screen walls that are interactive and thus allow visitors to choose the copies of brand content that they would like to access.

For example, visitors can click on links of textual content, rotate images of products and watch videos to get a better insight into brand value propositions and offerings.


Deploy a Low Decibel Surround Sound Home Theatre to Project Music Appeal

Beyond visual sensory experience, the other form of content that can ensure seamless and instant brand messaging is the use of music appeal.

Play the brand jingle in the background in a low decibel level continuously. If possible share the same jingle on the corporate website well in advance.

Across different touch points of the trade show booth premises, the web and the mobile, wherever the customer shall have an interface with the brand, he shall be to identify the brand based on his memory of the jingle.


Announce Brand Presence with a Bright Digital Signage

The challenge faced by all brands participating in a trade show is to announce their presence to the visitors.

In recent times, brands participating at some of the biggest trade shows in the United States have been reinventing marketing communication by deploying digital signage.

A digital signage offers several benefits over traditional print signage. Digital signage delivers far more visual impact on visitors, can be spotted from a distance at a glance and allows greater brand recall due to higher luminous intensity.

It is prudent to share the idea of deploying digital signage with the trade show exhibit builders so that the trade show booth design process is carried out, running from the ground up accordingly.