Three Big Ideas for Your Small Sized Display


Let’s face it; no matter how many tradeshows you have done, the humble 10×10 is what most exhibitors keep coming back to. This may be for reasons of space, budget or just because you don’t see the need for a large sized display at the current time. In a sea of huge displays with big concepts, how do you make sure your small sized exhibition booth is noticed?

That’s where design plays a huge role. It is not impossible to get your 10×10 display looking bigger than the best at the tradeshow, if you play around with the elements a bit. Here are some tips you can use to get the most out of your display.


1: Get a design expert to dress it up for you


When you are working with a small space, dressing it up to attract your target audience is the most important thing to do. This can be done in several ways, mainly by way of playing with the look of the booth. You can try using bold color themes that gel well with the crowd.

Break your theme message down to the most basic element and project that as much as you can on your booth. Work with the design team that your trade show booth services vendor will provide in order to understand how you can use various design elements to have the best booth on display.


2: Pick your staff carefully


When you are working with a small display, your staff become the most important part of the exhibit. The energy they can bring to the presentation will determine if more people will want to visit the exhibit.

That’s why you need to drop any poor performers and only work with those who can bring their best to the exhibition booth on the day of the event. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need a minimum of two persons present at the booth if it is a small display, so as to prevent it from looking understaffed. Working in shifts and backing each other up would serve them well, so it’s always a good idea.


3: Grab eyes with goodies


Another tried and tested method of making the most of a small sized display is to give away as many goodies as you can. You can have various promotions during the show and before it that offer people discounts on the product that you are displaying.

If you have playing your marketing tricks right before the show, you are guaranteed to have a lot of visitors coming by your stall to see what all the fuss is about during the show. Make your product demo one that is as showstopping as possible so that people have a reason to want to come by your booth.

Even though about 6 out of 10 booths tend to be a 10×10 display, you can have the odds in your favor by working on that booth

display. With a special design and gimmicks, your booth is guaranteed to win over the crowd at the trade event.