Three Designs to Inspire Your Next Trade Show Booth


We expect a lot from our trade show booth displays. They are a snippet of our business where we display our brand, products, and services to the world. They also act as space where we can meet new people, introduce them to our products, and sign them up for our services.

As such, you never want your trade show display design to be lacking in any way. To get leads, your display should portray your company as smart, innovative, and effective.

Creating trade show booth displays from scratch is not an easy or timely process. Often it is difficult to find inspiration for your booth. Finding new ways to be creative is not always an easy task.

In this article, we will go over three proven effective designs. Whether you are using a trade show display rental or making your own stand, these designs will help spark your creativity.


Here Are the Three Trade Show Booth Inspiration Design for Your Show


 The Simple, Modern Design


When you see something that is well organized, such as a dinner table before anyone has eaten or a desktop that is arranged just right, something inside you clicks. It is a satisfying sight to see.

You can capture this same feeling with your tradeshow booth displays by using a design that is simple and organized.

Many people want to throw as much stuff into their trade show display design as they can. The result is often a mess of unorganized and jarring graphics and product displays that will put off most guests. Instead of going all out, you want to appeal to your guest’s sense of organization.

Your modest use of graphics and product displays not only makes your booth look better, but it also makes it easier for your audience to understand your products and services.

In this design, your brand should be represented by a large, clean graphic that clearly says your business’s name. It should be visible from the audience’s point of view on the floor. This makes it easier for your audience to know who you are right from the start.


The Cutting-Edge, Standout Design


Sometimes simple just is not the right cut for your business. Instead, you want to represent your products with the latest, innovative electronics and graphics. You want your trade show display design to stand out to your audience.

When done right, this style of booth not only looks awesome, but it draws in leads like no other from people who want to experience the splendor of your booth.

Increasingly people are beginning to incorporate electronics into their trade show booth displays. Flat screen TV’s, tablets, and other smart devices are a great way to advertise your brand to your audience. Many agencies will even design technological trade show booth rental on the fly and have them ready for your next show.

An effective standout booth will have a balance between products displays and electronics that help the audience learn more about the business. Not only that, but smooth lighting, or even lighting that is different colors, really help to set the atmosphere in these booths. When done correctly, these booths are sure to reel in a lot of new leads.


The Open, Welcoming Design


Many businesses pride themselves on getting hands-on with their customers. These businesses are successful because they are happy to engage one-on-one with their customers and investors. When making a sale, they like to take the time to sit down with a lead, conversate, and explain why their services are useful and effective.

These types of businesses prefer a trade show display design that is open, welcoming and has areas where the salespeople can sit down with the audience to discuss their brand.

With open and welcoming designs, your brand name should reign over top of your trade show displays. It should be where everyone can see it from all angles, such as a banner above the booth, as well as on other objects such as counters or support posts.

Ideally, there should be a few designated areas where two or more people can sit down to have a conversation. You could even offer amenities to keep people around, such as coffee or treats. This allows you and your sales team to get one-on-one with your leads so you can make sales in a comfortable environment.