Top 10 Creative 10 X 20 Trade Show Booth Designs


Are you looking for 10×20 trade show booth designs for your next trade show event? Do you want to get something different in terms of the design aspect? If your answer is yes, then check out these top 10 creative 10×20 trade show booth designs that can be deployed by your marketing team at the event to score better than your competitors and achieve maximum returns on your investments.


RLU 10×20 49 Trade Show Booth

This 10×20 booth is highly versatile. It allows your marketing team to tweak with the booth artwork as per your brand requirements. It also displays a dedicated reception counter for your staff to address your visitors in a better way, and it also provides you with access to make of use of it for branding purpose.

It is available with a single carpet flooring to give it a simple, yet sophisticated look. The center wall can be utilized very well to display your product offerings and put the LCD screen for a greater impact over your targeted audience.

The booth stand is well-lit with the option of reconfiguring the arrangements of lighting as per your personalized booth design. The booth is available with all the hardware as shown in the image.


RLU 10X20 48 Trade Show Booth

This design has some of the most aesthetic features that will captivate your audience in a second. Both sides of the backlit wall are angled to give this booth a distinctive shape.

In the center, the dedicated area can be used for storing your essential brand items, as it is available with a storage facility. The entire backlit wall can be used for promotional purposes, especially if you want to include TV screens for a better visual impact.

You can hold business meetings or provide your customers comfortable with the use of a dedicated seating area included in the booth design. It also has a dedicated reception area for your staff that can be used to approach your targeted audience in a smooth manner. New graphics can also be properly applied in this booth as per your booth design requirements.


RLU 10×20 44 Trade Show Booths

This 10×20 booth stand consists of two backlit walls along with a lateral wall on the left side. It has a dedicated section for demonstrating your brand videos and other marketing strategies visually right behind the reception counter and at the other end of the booth to enable the visitors to get insights on your key brand features.

It allows your team to hold discussions with your targeted prospects in the section reserved for the same with the availability of the sitting area. In the middle of the booth, you are provided with terminals for using personal devices with an aesthetic wall with beautiful lights.

The booth is available in hardwood flooring to further enhance its look and style. In addition to this, dedicated space at the right side of the booth can be used for storing your valuable items during the times of need.


RLU 10×20 42 Trade Show Exhibits

The booth has a single backlit wall along with a section to store your valuable items and other required things like a refrigerator. The backlit wall of the booth is designed like an individual section with lateral walls, sitting facility, display space for promotional purposes, and more storage facility to give your team further convenience.

The booth has a carpet flooring to give it an elegant look and feel. It also showcases a dedicated seating area to enable your marketing to hold valuable and necessary business discussions with the trade show visitors.

The booth has enough space to use different types of audio-video enhancements to achieve a larger impact. Also, the backside of the lateral wall can be used for graphics presentations to attract the audience coming from the same direction.


RLU 10×20 40 Trade Show Displays

Available with carpet flooring, the booth has an aesthetic backlit wall along with another section that can be used to attach up to two LED screens. The backlit can be very well used for displaying your key brand differentiators on a prominent scale.

You can take the maximum benefit of staircase shelves that are included in this booth that can either be used for displaying your brochures and leaflets or giveaway items.

Being split into two sections, it provides complete access to the customers to view your brand story with the help of videos and presentations, and if the visitors want to have a discussion further, it can very well be managed on the floor of the show. It is also available with two cabinet tables to store all your valuable items.


RLU 10×20 39 Trade Show Event Booth

This booth showcases a backlit wall that gives an impression of a serpentine figure with angular visibility. In the middle of the space, there is a dedicated storage space that can be used by your marketing team as per their convenience.

The areas on the walls can be used to put LCD/ LED screens to run your promotional advertisements and videos. It also features tabletop display areas that can be used to portray your best brand items to provide the visitors with a hands-on experience to generate better impact.

At the right-hand corner, there is a space for the reception area, and at the left-hand corner, there is a dedicated space for holding discussions that can very well be complemented with a live presentation right behind the wall space.


RLU 10×20 37 Custom Trade Show Booth

It is a beautiful booth display that showcases a designed-lit wall with two attached side hanging panels. The booth is available with a single color carpet to enhance the entire look.

The wall can be custom color-coded in synchronization with your brand color. You can use the side panels to hang LED screens to run impactful videos to grab the attention of your audience.

Primarily, the USP of this booth is its front that will catch the attention of your visitors in the first place, that will lead them to further access your brand information with the help of video content.

In the center of the booth, the reception area is installed, that would easily lead your staff to engage with the visitors that happen to stand in front of your booth stand.


RLU 10×20 20 Trade Show Booth Design

The booth features a unique type of wall that can be defined as descending from left to right backward providing access to the various segments of the audience to learn about your brand philosophy comfortably.

The wall is divided into three section comprising workstations with the availability of storage in the first section. All three sections of the wall have the space to put LED screens to enable you to run videos and other business-related content.

It also has a dedicated reception area to let you get engaged with your targeted prospects in an easy and guide them through your brand journey with the help of LED screens. It also showcases a beautiful marble flooring to complete the beautiful look.

All the three parts of the wall are well-lit and it can be graphically presented as per your brand requirements.


RLU 10×20 14 Trade Show Rental Booth

This rental booth has a one-of-a-kind design. Comprising a hanging panel, with a center backlit wall attached with a dedicated area covered from both the sides, with a well-lit sidewall on the right-hand side.

The hanging panel at the left-hand side portrays a seating area to hold discussions with the interested visitors. The front of the hanging wall panel features an LED screen to catch the attention of the audience from that direction.

Similarly, the backlit wall on the right side can be easily checked from afar to guide the audience towards your booth display. It also offers a dedicated storage area to keep your essentials for your marketing staff. The booth has a single-colored carpet flooring to add to its aesthetic features.

The right segment of the booth also has a dedicated reception area to enable your team to have an interesting communication with your trade show visitors in a comfortable way.


RLE 10×20 11 Trade Show Display Rentals

The booth is perfect for brands that are looking forward to including visual merchandising in their marketing strategy related to their trade show participation.

It showcases two backlit wall sections, with one end open to showcase the graphics and others to showcase your brand items on the dedicated shelves.

It is designed in a way to encourage the visitors to visit your booth and have a look at your offerings and then connect with your marketing team to get further information related to the products.

It features two dedicated reception counters at both the ends to enable your team to get engaged with the interested trade show visitors easily. It showcases a single carpet flooring and a dedicated seating area for holding relevant discussions with your visitors and prospects.

Showcase your brand offerings in the most creative ways by opting for your favorite from one of these aesthetic 10×20 trade show rental booth designs to augment your brand value proposition, promote your brand and generate on-site leads at your next event.