Top 10 Reasons to Hold Events in New York

Over 400 years ago, Henry Hudson explored the waterways and islands surrounding New York City for Dutch settlers of the island of Manhattan. Over the centuries, New York grew to connect the Midwest to the East Coast and become the huge cultural melting pot it is known for today.

New York is the most referred to city in pop culture. It is known among other things for its iconic skyline as it was a pioneer in modern engineering architecture. The concrete jungle that makes up New York is bustling with creativity, diversity, and culture.

Exhibitions in New York

Exhibition calendars for New York trade shows can be found online. The most common types of trade shows that New York has are fashion, clothing, and textiles.

From all-night bars to energetic city streets, it’s a city that seems to have a little bit of the entire world crammed into it. And in Summer, New York is alive with a huge variety of word-class music, art and trade shows. All walks of life love the city as the range from the absurd to the mundane can coexist in New York because the majority know the value of an open mind.

The space constraints of the Big Apple mean that inhabitants and institutions alike can get creative with their event spaces. Event planners often have to seek innovative solutions to the crammed feeling that New York rental spaces have with numerous attendees. More than 60 million people visited New York in 2016 just to attend the hundreds of major New York trade shows that the city hosts annually.

New York is the ideal and world-class destination for hosting events because:

  1. It has an extensive transportation network.
  2. It has numerous world-class hotels for meetings and accommodation.
  3. It has various non-traditional meeting spaces that can be repurposed to suit any event planners need.
  4. The city hosts plenty of large-scale events on a yearly basis.
  5. The infrastructural support is massive with wi-fi, amenities, and anything else needed is at your fingertips.
  6. You can get the best food in New York.
  7. New York has Times Square, an ultimate tourist destination.
  8. New York has Madison Square Garden, a well-known international destination.
  9. New York has the Javits Convention Center which hosts numerous New York trade shows.
  10. New Yorkers tend to mind their business and yet are known for being the most open-minded people in the world.

Exponent Custom Rental Booths

Trade show booth solutions can be unsatisfactory if company needs are not communicated correctly. Exponents provide a stress-free experience for attending a New York Tradeshow. The rental booths are designed to be installed easily and give event planners and marketing directors peace of mind.

There are more places to stay or host events within New York City than you can ever imagine. With more than 100,000 hotel rooms containing state of the art renovations, revival of historic spaces, and new construction of hip event centers, it is the most welcoming city for trade shows.

New York knows how to be the ultimate host of all types of trade shows, big or small. The real estate, finance, fashion and media industries form the very heart of this great city. These industries draw from the city’s great prestige throughout history. Event planners can tap into this great city’s endless opportunities as well by planning an outstanding event in New York.