Top 10 Reasons to Hold Trade Show Events in Dallas

Trade show events are great for publicizing a business. Though there’s an investment, it brings with it significant returns. It lets buyers and sellers interact on the same platform, offer publicity to your goods or services and save your marketing time and effort. While it’s possible to host trade shows anywhere, these ten reasons show why it’s advantageous to hold trade show events in Dallas:

1. Top leisure travel destination

Dallas is today one of the best leisure travel designations of Texas, meaning you can expect lots of visitors and travelers to visit the trade show.

2. One of the nation’s top ten convention cities

This is because of the massive number of meeting hotels available in Dallas offering flexible event spaces and world-class dining and entertainment for visitors.

3A beautiful blend of history and modern trends

Dallas is one of those cities that boasts of a confluence of historic charm and the latest of modern amenities. In fact, Dallas is the master of southern hospitality, which will entertain and enthrall all your trade show attendees and visitors.

4Easy access

Dallas’s central location makes reaching the city so easy and convenient from both domestic and international places. Not only flights, but there are also numerous rail lines and bus routes, making it easier for attendees and visitors to reach Dallas.

5Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center

The Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas is one of the biggest convention centers in the country, and the main reason for holding trade shows here. It offers more than a million of square feet of space including exhibit halls, theaters, meeting rooms, an arena and continuous exhibit space, all managed by professional staff.

6. Excellent accommodation and exhibit amenities

Dallas has a more than 300 hotels to accommodate participants and visitors to a trade show. These hotels collectively offer not only rooms but also meeting and event spaces, restaurants, and large-scale catering potential.

7. Business environment

With so many industries thriving in Dallas like computer technology, petroleum, banking, telecommunication and transportation, Dallas is one of the most significant concentrations of headquarters in the country like Texas Instruments, ACS, Atmos Energy and Southwest Airlines.

8. Center for higher education

With Dallas, the home for 13 colleges and the oldest black college Paul Quinn College, this city is ideal for organizing trade shows to reach out to the college crowd and genre.

9. Weather

Dallas weather is rather stunning and comfortable, except during the few months of the peak of summer where it’s somewhat intolerable. A little air conditioning can take care of that problem at your trade show venue!

10. Job potential

There is a steady influx of people to Dallas because of the many job opportunities available here. Dallas is rich in its tech, manufacturing and business services, thanks to the oil and gas boom, which in turn offers various job opportunities.

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