Top 10 Reasons to Hold Trade Show Events in Houston

Houston is a powerhouse city and is the fourth largest city in Texas. It’s home to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and is famous for its oil and gas industry. Despite all these advancements, the city still boasts of small-town southern hospitality. This gives meeting planners and attendees a big inducement to conduct trade show events in Houston. These additional ten reasons give more reason to hold trade show events here.

1. Job offers

Houston is the second fastest growing city in the nation. It is the oil and energy hub of the region and home for industries in aerospace, biotechnology, healthcare, hospitality and informational technology. It also has 26 Fortune 500 companies, making it one of the best cities for jobs and gives an additional reason to hold a trade show there.

2. Best healthcare facilities

Some of the best healthcare facilities are found here like the Texas Medical Center. It is the largest medical facility in the world while the world famous University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center treats more than 100,000 patients a year. So if you have a medical or healthcare related tradeshow in mind, Houston is indeed the perfect venue!

3. NASA and a booming aviation industry

Houston is the home of the National Aeronautical and Space Administration. It is instrumental in establishing Houston’s booming aerospace and aviation industry comprising of more than 150 other aviation companies. The sector attracts tourists and workers, thus increasing the number of potential visitors to trade shows.

4. Improved connectivity

Houston has three airports with the George Bush Intercontinental Airport serving international passengers. Besides airplane connectivity, attendees and visitors can reach Houston via its many train and bus routes.

5. An abundance of trade show services

Houston has thousands of experts capable of hosting conventions, trade shows, and meetings. You can expect to find all your required services in a city that believes in giving their best services to their visitors and business partners.

6. International connections

Houston receives more than 2.4 million foreign travelers in a year. This influx of travelers helps develop strong global relationships with many countries worldwide, giving another reason to hold a trade show there.

7. Various hotels and dining options

Houston has more than 80,000 hotel rooms to accommodate foreign travelers and delegates visiting the city. With the varied culture here, you find lots of multi-cuisine restaurants that will satisfy the taste buds of all trade show attendees.

8. Conventions and trade shows

Houston ranks number one among American cities for it’s more than 4.4 million square feet of convention space. The city hosts many conventions, trade shows and events that have a potential of drawing thousands of attendees.

9. Sunny and pleasant weather

The weather is a bit hot in Houston during summers due to its humid subtropical climate. Autumn is cool, and winters are mild when compared to other cities, which is comfortable for visitors.

10. Many transportation options

Transportation is essential while arranging a trade show and Houston offers lots of transportation options. You can use their Metrorail, buses, taxis and rent cars and limousines to get around the city.

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