Top Reasons To Hold Trade Show Events in San Francisco


San Francisco is one of the most incredible places in the world. The climate is inviting, the people are friendly, and the picturesque landscapes appeal to all. In fact, those who are hosting trade show exhibits in San Francisco find that this is one of the best places to hold their event in the United States.

1. Exceptional Public Transportation

When you have visitors at a trade show, you want to ensure that they keep as much cash as they can in their pocket. With a great deal of public transportation at an affordable price, patrons can spend more time focusing on spending their cash on the items at trade show displays, and less on expensive car rentals.

2. An Inviting Climate

No matter where in the world a person lives, the climate in San Francisco is a selling point. In the heat of summer, people from across the globe travel here for a week of comfort. You can capitalize on this and have your exhibits in San Francisco held during these peak heat times. That way, you draw in higher numbers of people.

3. World Famous Hospitality

There is no shortage of accommodations for a trade show in San Francisco. The city is famous for having reasonable rates and world class hospitality. No matter what time of year it is, you can count on the hotels to deliver an incredible experience. Many of these hotels also have reasonable pricing for your trade show, so you can maximize the experience for your patrons.

4. Cost Effective Trade Show Displays Rental

The city has an elite group of professionals that handle trade show displays rentals. These groups can help to build the exhibits in San Francisco so that your event appears professional, and vendors won’t have to worry about coming up with their own spaces. More importantly, the fully customizable set of options will ensure that you can capture a theme within the space and avoid any potential problems along the way.

5. High Traffic Areas

In order to have a successful trade show, you need to have people come in. In this case, San Francisco boasts millions of people who are traveling by foot throughout the city. When combined with BART and the trolleys, you’ll have plenty of people coming to a trade show, and ensuring it is a success.

6. Entice Foodies and More

How do you keep people full of energy while they are walking the trade show? The answer is the local cuisine. You’ll find that some of the most incredible food is prepared in the city, including world famous sour dough bread. The area is also very vegan friendly, so those who have unique dietary needs will be able to grab a meal on the go and still have the time to walk through a trade show.

7. Diverse Cultures and People

Whereas many cities have a particular demographic, San Francisco is a melting pot of culture. You have sections of town devoted to unique groups of individuals who are proud to showcase their incredible heritage. This is a place where you can test brands among diverse groups at the trade show and have incredible on the spot feedback.

8. Free of Cost Events

San Francisco is known for being the home of free events. What better way to get people to attend the event than to have your exhibits in San Francisco to be part of this trend. This will give you some free advertising and with your trade show vendors knowing they have an unlimited traffic flow coming in, they will be willing to pay more for their trade show displays rental.

9. An Expanding Business Sector

San Francisco is on the verge of busting into the tech industry. Once they do, more companies will handle more of their business through the Bay Area. As a result, your trade show will have the ability to appeal to a greater audience.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider San Francisco for your trade shows. Look at all the possible locations and make the most of your trade show in the area.