Top 3 Characteristics of Successful Trade Show Brands


What makes a brand truly successful? When you go to various trade shows, there are always a handful of expo displays that seem to be dominating the event.

What makes them better than everyone else?

Is their secret hidden inside their booth designs?

You may find yourself asking these questions on a regular basis. However, there is no single answer to what makes a brand so much more successful.

Instead, successful brands usually have a few special characteristics that makes them the best of the best. These traits make the business and its products stand out amongst all the competition.

In this article, we will go over the top three characteristics of a successful trade show brand so that you can use that information to help thrust your business to the top of the marketing latter.


Characteristic #1 – Compelling Backstory


Every big business starts somewhere small. Before Facebook became the number one social media site on the web, it was just a collection of code on one student’s computer. This student risked getting thrown out of a prestigious college, losing his friends, and getting sued by lawsuits to make Facebook the giant it is today.

The backstory of his success is compelling. It gripped investors, who backed his ideas and helped build one of the biggest websites on the internet.

Trade shows offer one of the best platforms for telling your business’s backstory. It is there that you have the unique opportunity to engage with an open audience and tell them about your business and products, including your origin story.

A gripping story moves people. It spurs them to back your ideas by investing in your company. When you are only one of a hundred in a sea of expo displays, all with innovative booth designs having something to make you stand out is essential, and a compelling backstory will do just that.


 Characteristic #2 – Modernized and Streamlined Content 


Every great brand on the market today is backed by a wealth of streamlined online content. Every brand can benefit from this content, it is what informs consumers and decides what they will invest into.

In fact, many people will first hear about a product online, then read further into it before choosing to buy it. By having a rich database of modernized content about your products online, you are much more likely to pick up sales.

Trade shows not only let you raise awareness about your brand, they give you the chance to share your online resources with your audience as well. Many guests may not have heard about your website and have not had the chance to go through it to learn about your products.

Having your web address displayed on your expo displays or even on a business card is a great way to get more traffic.

If your company uses event booth rentals, you can order a booth with graphics that have your website’s address on them. Adding this address to your booth designs is important.

It gives your audience a way to look into your products further, and in turn makes them more educated leads. Even if a guest does not have the time to visit your booth, they can still visit your website later and invest that way.


Characteristic #3 – Expert Planning


Behind every great business there is a great plan, or more accurately, there is a collection of great plans. When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, his plan was to publish a social media platform that would connect everyone in the world together on one website.

During that journey, he also made plans to advertise his website across the globe and to pick up investors who would back his idea.

Every plan is important, and when it comes to planning for a trade show, you do not want to cut any corners. Each plan your business makes should be bulletproof and thoroughly tested.

You want to plan for everything, from event booth rentals all the way down to the finest details of your booth designs. Your expo displays should always represent your business as professional and effective.

Formulating solid strategies can take time, but no plan should ever be overlooked or brushed to the side. When it comes to stealing the show, a successful business will have a plan for everything, even for when things go wrong. Expert planning is one of the most defining characteristics of a knockout trade show brand.