Trade Show Activities in Houston, Texas

Custom trade show booth

Trade shows in Houston, Texas always open doors for businesses and guests. The latest innovations always leave everyone attending in awe. The new products and services never cease to leave a mark. That is why trade show participants need to stand out. Guests must notice their booths, so that they can have an audience when they present their products and services. A custom trade show booth, which features all that you offer, always makes a great impression.


Once you have a booth in that Houston trade show, what must you do to attract people? What activities should you initiate to keep the interest of the guests? Read on!

  • Contests or competitions. If you want to have competitions in your trade show booth, make sure that they are connected to the services and products that you offer. They should be related to your brand. You can run these contests on social media during the event. This is way better than shaking a bowl of business cards to only have one winner of a prize after the event ends.
  • Educate. Sharing what you know to people in exchange for their contact details is one of the leading tactics among exhibitors. Reports and eBooks are only a couple of the known means to achieve leads. This tactic can also be effective offline. You can give away content in the form of RFIDs and USB sticks.
  • Instant photo booths. Streaming and taking photos is a good way to start your exhibit, especially with you company logo in the background. This makes a great impression. With everyone accessing their social media accounts, this is a great way to spread the word about your products and services as well.
  • Offline tweeting. With the use of QR codes and NFC tags, you can have your guests participate in offline tweeting. All you need to do is make the tweet simple enough for your booth attendee to “like” it. If you get your attendees to do this, then you have an advantage.
  • Having a wi-fi party. You can attract attendees by providing free wi-fi to them. You must tie your wi-fi to your service or to our product. Provide free accounts to collect leads.
  • Social media ads. You have an advantage if you release social media ads through Twitter and Facebook. Ads through Twitter target specific audiences and hashtags. Just focus on relevance.
  • Good customer service. Attendees always have questions. To keep them interested, you need to entertain them by providing good customer service and via social media. By paying attention to your attendees, you get to promote your brand and you amplify your presence even more.
  • Plugs and rest or work areas. Increase your leads and attract attention by providing spaces for working, relaxing, and recharging gadgets. Make sure that everybody knows that your booth oversees that area.
  • Live sharing of knowledge. This is done by setting up a few chairs around a knowledgeable part of your team. Your speaker shares knowledge by conducting a mini-seminar, which lasts for about fifteen to thirty minutes. It is the live equivalent of a Podcast, a Twitter feed, or even an eBook. Some booths even hire guest stars or artists to attract attention.

To execute these activities, you may need the help of an event organizer. Why don’t you check out to help you execute your activities flawlessly during trade shows in Houston, TX?