Trade Show Booth Design Ideas to Engage in 2024


Everyone wants to have an engaging trade show booth. Brands that have the best pulse on the latest booth design trends are likely to best elicit engagement. To give you leverage over the competition, here are 10 design themes that are trending right now and into 2024.

Let each theme below spark ideas that you can pitch to your trade show booth design house. Links to Pinterest searches are provided for the maximum spark!


1. Tying in Nature

Imagine walking up and down the isles of a trade show where all booths look about the same. Then you come across a booth that has a totally unique design.

The booth incorporates nature that shifts your feeling of being cooped up all day to a feeling of being outside and free.

Your brand does not necessarily have to be environmentally focused for you to pull off this look. Any live plants will do but hanging flowers and succulents seem to be the trendiest.


Search links for inspiration:

Hanging flowers


Plants walls

Grass mats and carpet

Garden furniture


2. Interactive Walls and Cut-Outs

Providing photo opportunities is one of the easiest ways to get people into your booth and interact. Attendees will take pictures and likely share on social media.

The potential for exposure is endless so make sure your branding can be seen somewhere in the photo.

Search links for inspiration:

Photo op walls

Photo op cut-outs

Picture backdrops


3. Create Another World

Who said your booth needs to look like a booth? Create a space where visitors can feel as if they are transported to an entirely different place. Think Hollywood set design with a red carpet and velvet ropes.

Anything that you can think of that makes it clear you are offering an experience. Your booth staff can even play specific roles!

Search link for inspiration:

Experiential marketing

Trade show booth experiences


Browse through our portfolio to find your perfect booth!


4. Get Whimsical

The backdrops and walls of your booth do not have to be square and boring. Depending on the theme of your booth, you can use whimsical shapes and styles to stand out.

Even simpler, leverage an in-house graphic artist or designer to create a comic focal point for your booth. The design can go on the side of any furniture you have at your booth or an entire wall.

Another way of standing out would be to harmonize contrasting elements. This artistic display would attract even just out of sheer curiosity.



Search links for inspiration:

Whimsical décor booth

Graphic design walls

Shaped trade show booths

Contrasting elements booths


5. Printable Flooring

Custom flooring can be beneficial regardless of your booth size. For small booths, custom flooring can make the booth appear larger than it really is. For large booths, custom flooring can help bring cohesiveness to the overall design.

Printers are capable of printing just about anything these days. You can print something as simple as a custom hashtag or URL to appeal to tech-savvy guests or a specific design to span the entire floor space.

Search links for inspiration:

Printed flooring

Printed trade show floors


6. Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting can be incredibly powerful and is an essential element of successful trade show booth design. You can create mood, intrigue, curiosity, and even a sense of privacy.

For a fun atmosphere, install sound-responsive lighting that interacts with booth visitors. At the very least, use lighting to present your brand like a showcase and highlight your marketing message.



Search links for inspiration:

Interactive booth light

Trade show booth lighting


7. Textured Backdrops

With printing being much less expensive now, exhibitors can get very creative with printed backdrops. You can also keep the look of your booth fresh from show to show by simply printing out a new backdrop.

Search links for inspiration:

Textured booth backdrops

Printed booth backdrops


8. Appeal on an Emotional Level

Purchases are often emotionally driven. Think about how you could design your booth to emotionally connect with your customers. Depending on your target audience, it is possible that evocative imagery and bright colors are not the best approaches.

One type of design style that powerfully connects with audiences is nostalgia. This type of design harkens back to a time of peace and prosperity. Consider incorporating some elements of this design in your booth if you think it would work with your audience.

Search links for inspiration:

Nostalgia booth design

Nostalgia interior design

Emotional booth design


9. Vary Your Message with Touch Screen Display

Having a touch screen display is key because it allows booth visitors to interact with your brand on their terms. Touch screens can be mounted, embedded in kiosks, or even stand alone as panels in your booth.

Regardless of how your display them, they give you flexibility and versatility to display brand messaging to customers over the course of the trade show. Then you can simply load in different content for the next show if needed.

Check out our guide to utilizing video for more information and strategy.

Search links for inspiration:

Trade show LED wall

Trade show touch screen


10. Make Room for Meeting Rooms

We saved this one for last but that certainly doesn’t make it unimportant. Booth design is often focused around sparking interest in passersby so they visit the booth.

Of course, this is important to generate leads. But don’t overlook creating space for private meetings with your best customers.

Consider design elements that can create an intimate meeting space that elicits the same emotional connection discussed earlier in this article.


Search links for inspiration:

Trade show meeting space

Booth private meeting space



We hope this article sparks creative ideas for your next trade show booth. Which design elements are intriguing to you? Have you experienced them at any recent trade shows? We would love to hear from you.