What You Wish You Knew About Virtual Exhibits Engagement!


The business around the world have adapted to the growing changes, they are cutting down on expenses by bringing the new technologies to their trades. One such model is of real-time trade shows or trade fairs that are now getting advanced with Virtual Exhibits. Virtual exhibitions are high-resolution 3D visuals that are reproductions of the physical aspects of an actual trade show which enable the business in almost every industry vertical to spend considerable time and resources to showcase their latest services, products, or innovations.

Businesses are upgrading to virtual or online exhibitions as it gives them several benefits to hosting their shows online, like – cost-effective, no capacity limitations, time and resources convenience, and wider audience reach. Be it a physical trade show or a virtual one the challenge remains the same – engaging the audience!

Let us all agree a trade show just flops if there is no customer engagement. So, how do you engage your virtual exhibit audience? Well, there is a simple answer – interaction. Interaction in different forms not only help you break the ice with your visitors but also engage them.


Surveying or polling before and during virtual events makes your audience feel that you are on board to deliver something that would be custom or tailor-made. Asking questions during the show and having your audience answer them paves a great way for interaction.

You may also add a widget on your event platform for surveys or polls where you can ask questions to encourage responses from your visitors. Also, don’t forget to present the results on the screen to be accessible to every attendee.


Another form of interaction that can boost participation is a contest. You can choose to opt-out of the traditional way wherein everyone participates in the contest by selecting the attendees on a random basis to participate in the challenge.

This would help you to know if your audience is attentive and would also create excitement amongst the attendees compelling them to focus on the event. Prize distribution would be an add-on.

Social Networking

Create a room where you can collect and rank the ideas, you can even ask your attendees to vote for the best idea and reward them later. Another way is to capture fun moments from the show and ask your attendees to share and comment or run a hashtag that can make your virtual event more viral and trending on social media.


Bonus Perk?

We also tell you some of the amazing organizations that build virtual spaces which enable to engage audiences online

Exponents: Being in the industry for over 4 decades, Exponents has mastered the art of trade show booth building. It is a one-stop destination for all your virtual event needs

FAIRS: Designs virtual spaces and let you connect with the global audience

Hamilton: Hamilton has extended its booth building services to creating brand spaces beyond physical presence

Classic Exhibits: Designs and builds virtual booths and lets you showcase your products or services