Role of Customer Behavior in Creating Successful Trade Shows


Multinational companies around the world spent billions on studying the behavior of their customer. This study helps them be aware of how their consumers make buying decisions and what persuades those decisions. Every company should know what drives their consumers buying decisions in order to have their A-game at the marketing. There are behavioral pattern and psychology that influences your decision capability in almost every aspect of our life.

For example, at a supermarket, you always tend to start at one end and walk your way to the other end. This is because supermarkets study their customer’s movements and accordingly arrange their aisles. Similarly, when you take part in a trade show you have attendees that stir from one part to another.

It is observed that attendees are likely to turn right as they enter the exhibit hall. Why does this happen? Maybe because it’s easy to take a right turn or most people are right-handed. What is important here is the observation. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a space for your trade show booth rental that favors the center or right side of the hall.

It is also observed that sales & marketing techniques at trade shows depend on the customer psyche as the corporate people involved in the decision-making process are also humans and the best way to get their attention is through emotions. As per the Harvard psychology research, 95% of the buying decisions are made subconsciously. Below are some of the aspects of human behavior that have a great impact on the success of your trade show.


First Impression Matters

Even though “Never judge a book by its cover” is a famous phrase, it is not much into practice. Because even though we hold back ourselves from judging the surroundings, how many of us are successful in doing it?

At an event, your trade show booth design is the foremost thing that people will notice about your brand. Based on it, they learn to form judgments and you have to give them an optimal experience.



Human behavior tends to reciprocate i.e. if somebody does something good for us; we try to act in response by doing something nice for them too. This is something every individual does subconsciously whether it is personal or professional.

Similarly, when your company offers small gifts, freebies, discount vouchers to your target consumers, they are bound to stay loyal to your brand. But if your company is gifting the same deals all the time, it loses its value. When you offer your prospects a surprise benefit, it makes them feel special and increases the customer’s aspiration to purchase again.


Create booth Space that sells

Like we mentioned earlier about the right side of the exhibit hall, another tip is to find or position your brand near a landmark which will attract more traffic towards your trade show booth rental.

Create a booth space that provides a welcoming and open atmosphere for your audience. Work on the theme and color of your modular trade show booth as they play an important role in influencing your customers.


Booth Behavior

While attending a show, consumers tend to judge a brand based on their personal experience. At a trade show, non-verbal communication is also essential as much as verbal communication. Your staff’s gestures, posture while speaking, eye contact, attentiveness, etc; all affect the decision-making process of your customer.

For example, while having a conversation with your attendee, you lean forward to listen better, and have a positive sentiment during the conversation will most certainly create a positive impact on your brand in the consumer’s mind.


Connect and Engage

A trade show is the right medium to bond with your target audience on a personal level. There are different approaches to engage your attendee at your booth for rent. Using technology is one of the most common approaches that are extensively well-received by patrons.

However, it is crucial to remember that technology is determined by content. The best way to create engagement is by connecting with your consumers and understanding their requirements.

Whenever you participate at a trade show make sure you make the most of your marketing strategy as it will enhance the impact of your trade show booth design. Always remember to focus on the psychology of consumer behavior in attracting, engaging, and nurturing them. In the end, it all boils down to sharing the right message with the right people and always being prepared for your customers.