20 Ways to Get Results on the Last Day of the Trade Show

Some shows have the last day that brings a flood of visitors, but for many others the last day is about reduced traffic, a limited show schedule and a staff that’s itching to get out of town.

Don’t give in to last-day doldrums. Here’s 20 ways to get results on the last day of your trade show.

1. Stay open. Closing early signals prospects still on the show floor that you aren’t serious.

2. Stay Staffed. A half-empty trade show booth tells last-day attendees that they aren’t that important.

3. Keep your A-team. You brought your top people to man your booth – don’t lose that competitive edge in the exhibition’s final hours.

4. Stay supplied. If giveaways are part of your show promotion, don’t disappoint last-day visitors.

5. Keep presenting. Schedule live presentations and demos to the bitter end. You’ll catch prospects that might have missed attending in previous days.

6. Start selling. Invite back prospects who were qualified earlier in the show for more extended conversations.

7. Validate leads. Review the leads collected during the show and clear up any contact information that’s unclear or incomplete.

8. Tweet it. Send last-day tweets about the show that position your company for product and industry leadership.

9. Blog it. Beat your competition and post your final show blog with pictures and video.

10. Promote it. Fire off a widely distributed press release that publicizes your show narrative.

11. Visit competitors. Stay on top of what the other guys are doing.

12. Host competitors. Get your competitors to open up by inviting them back to your booth for a reciprocal visit.

13. Host suppliers: Hold off any conference booth meetings with your suppliers until the last day.

14. Walk it. Assign a specialist to walk the show and report on the best custom trade show booths, displays, videos, presentations, demonstrations and giveaways.

15. Learn from the best. Find the best, most well-attended exhibition stand in the show and talk to them about how they made it happen.

16. Learn from the worst. Find the biggest booth with the least number of visitors and chat them up about their trade show planning.

17. Assess your show narrative. You went into the show with a message. Ask your booth staff if they think it resonated with visitors and show-goers.

18. Assess your training: Did your booth staff feel that their product and trade show training was worthwhile?

19. Assess your trade show booth design: Were digital displays clearly visible? Did traffic flow through the booth as planned? Which custom displays and graphics got all the attention? Which were ignored?

20. Plan. Get information and a better booth location for the following year’s show.
Follow these tips and you’ll be smarter about your industry, have a list of ways to make next year’s show even better, and be ready for that last-minute visit by a major new prospect.
The first day of the show or last, you need a trade show and exhibition services partner that brings new ideas, experience and know-how.

For over thirty years Exponents has been a global leader in trade show booth design, fabrication, rental, logistics and on-site support. In thirteen countries and with over 18,000 clients, Exponents delivers creative, cost-effective solutions to your most challenging trade show and exhibition needs.


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