5 Tips to Improve Your Negotiation Skills at a Trade Show


Trade shows are all about communication and interaction with your target audience. A well-trained and friendly booth staff at your trade show booth rental helps in engaging your client in your brand. Another important quality required to win over your customer at a trade show is having the right negotiation skills.

It is considered a stream of communication that takes place between people over the worth of the stuff they are interested in. In this raging climate of business, how a person negotiates in a successful way will determine the success or failure of your trade show.

In today’s hyper-social business culture, business leaders need to consider the modern tactics of negotiation to actually make an impression on their audience. There is no fixed script or proven strategies to follow when it comes to negotiation.

The main objective to approach the bargaining zone at the convention booth is with good intentions and a sincere interest in building a connection with your customers and prospects. Having a careful, sensible negotiation would benefit both parties and result in a positive interaction. Instead of just wordsmithing your product or service, work on a positive approach, appearance, and state of mind.

Below are a few tips on how to enhance your negotiation skills at your booth rental to make your business deals at trade shows a lot smoother.


Be well-prepared

In order to improve your negotiation skills, you need proper preparation and research-oriented to make sure you are clear on what exactly you want out of the arrangement. Being prepared is the initial step to negotiate effectively at a trade show.

It will ensure that you cover everything, and at the same time, would help you boost your confidence too. Below questions will help you negotiate better:

  • What are you anticipating to get out of this show?
  • What are you ready to settle for?
  • Do you have a concrete argument?
  • What are the best and worst-case situations?
  • What do your target audience expect from your brand?

Hopefully, the above questions will help you analyze and get you prepared to negotiate successfully at your booth rental.


Communication is Key

The most essential aspect in business marketing is communication. So, make sure you have proper and clear communication between your clientele at your trade show exhibit design. This will help them understand what you’re offering them and are they willing to hear you out. You need to build trust so that your clients feel valued and heard.

Try to build a good rapport, so they feel comfortable and are progressive to what you have to say. Be amiable, and at the same time, maintain professional body language. Also, remember to be calm as you don’t want to lose your temper if things get intense.


Be a Good Listener

The best negotiators are often the ones with good listening skills who patiently will try to understand what their customers have in mind. The more you know their perception, the better you will be able to plan and make the right decisions. So, make sure you don’t interrupt them and encourage your prospects to talk and make them feel heard.

Validating their point of view will help you create a good impact i.e., your brand cares for its customers rather than its sales targets leaving a lasting impression of your brand in their minds even when they leave your booth rental. Hearing them out will help you rethink your strategy and reach a better substitute that works for both.


Pursue a WIN-WIN

The ideal way to negotiate is to always seek out a win-win solution. For that, you need to think about what you can offer your client instead of only thinking about what they can offer you. Think of a solution that would benefit your client as well.

Negotiating efficiently empowers your brand at the event. Always remember the key to negotiating your way to trade show success is by knowing what you want, conducting your brand professionally, and maintaining an open mind.


Confirm in Writing

When any meeting ends at your booth rental, make sure you recap all the points that are covered and all the areas of agreement. Negotiation is difficult and might sometimes lead to miscommunication. To avoid leaving behind loose ends, make sure you have it in written format. This will ensure that everyone understands exactly what is agreed to, and make sure we are all on the same page.

Being an effective negotiator at your trade show exhibit rentals would help you increase your business dealings. For this, you need to plan well in advance and look out for alternatives to make it work. To negotiate successfully you need to earn your client’s trust through your presence of confidence and authority. And don’t forget to use flexibility and listening skills to your advantage.