9 Ways to Improve your trade show booth marketing strategy

9 Ways to Improve your booth marketing strategy

At exhibitions, it is common to find that there are some booths that are dull and lifeless, while there are others that are full of energy.


Here are 9 ways to improve marketing strategy for trade show display


1. Plan far in advance

Do a lot of advance planning. Once you have registered your booth space, don’t just forget about it and plan at the last minute. Plan every minute detail of your pre-show, during show and post-show marketing strategies. Use all of these strategies to make sure that your booth is highlighted properly.


2. Speak as well as Present

For most booths, what eventually happens is that there is a slideshow running without anyone really speaking to the crowd. Visitors like to be spoken to, therefore it is important to invest in the right speakers for your booth. There are usually speakers available at venues that you can find out about and invest in.


3. Figure out what your tradeshow goals are

Plan your tradeshow by setting your goals well in advance. Make sure that you have thought every aspect of the tradeshow through. What is it that you intend to achieve at the event? Is it just to spread brand awareness, or is it to get more leads or both? Having your trade goals in mind along with measurable activities can help you to stay on track so you can achieve them.


4. Market the trade event well in advance.

Market your trade event through all the right channels well in advance so as to create enough of a buzz to attract the crowd. Let people know about the speakers who are going to be at the event, what they can expect at the show, as well as other features that the crowd can look forward to. Reach out to existing customers to make sure that they put in an appearance as well, and reward them for their time


5. Choose a good booth location.

Invest in a tradeshow booth that is located at the right place in the convention hall so as to attract more attention. You also need to make your booth space inviting so that people would want to stop by. This may come at a premium price, but it will be worth it in the end.


6. Invest in good booth design.

The first five seconds are crucial to make visitors want to stop by your booth. That is why good design is very important. Have your design consultants come up with a booth that is captivating and that sends a clear message to your audience. This will spark their interest and make them want to stop by.


7. Think through your engagement plan.

Have a proper plan in place to attract people to your booth. This can include the right booth staff, as well as interactive tools forming part of the display. Another feature should be constant events at your booth, like contests so that people are continuously engaged.


8. Follow up with leads after the event.

Figure out which of the leads who stopped by your booth are more likely to purchase your product and who were only interested in the goodies you had on offer. Selectively pursue the right leads so that you nurture your leads after the show.


9. Have a debrief after the event.

After every conference, discuss with your team what went right and what went wrong with the exhibition. This will help you to plan better for future events.


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