Expo Booths: The Presenters Tool Box

Trade shows and exhibitions are filled with sales potential. Since these events are usually held for B2B services and commodities, it requires a face to face interaction rather than your usual marketing channels. As a business going to your next trade show, you must understand the necessity of using your exhibition booths to the full extent of their capabilities.

No two exhibition booths are the same. There are difference in design and functionalities, that are created to help business best manage their marketing goals. As two organizations in the same industry will use different designs since they represent different visions, different marketing strategies and perhaps require different outcomes of their marketing strategies.

In order for you to succeed at your next trade show, your presenter must use every tool available to them in the booth to their advantage. For as long as you milk the booth for all that its worth, it’s very unlikely that you don’t generate considerable sales revisions in the process.

A successful trade show exhibition will not only get you more clients, it’ll also send a message across the entire industry of your superiority as an organization. It always helps if you can strike fear into your competitors since you can then use this to an immense strategic advantage.

Usually, an exhibition booth is equipped with the following functionalities that you can use to your advantage:


Visual Aids

These can include boards to write on and screens that you can use to present your organization and projects. When you’re setting your clients up to make a sale, using these screens to drive home your pitch can take your sales pitch from mediocrity to incredibly engaging.

The versatility and maneuverability these screens allow you to create detailed schemata, show a wide range of data that will be easily retained by your visitors. As you begin to create better presentations, you’ll automatically begin to improve your likelihood of generating a sale.


Presentation Platforms

A good booth designer realizes the importance of staying in the center of your potential customer’s attention.

Therefore they always build these platforms that you can stand and deliver your pitch on. Not only it sets you right in the middle of your customer’s line of sight, it can also be effectively used to gather more people to your booths.


Seating Arrangements

Assuming that you create an engaging enough sales pitch, it’s very likely that your clients will stick around to have conversations about your product. This is the moment where you can reel them in for a sale. It’s better to have them settle down comfortably and have a detailed discussion on the value your services can offer to their companies.

These arrangements will allow you or your assistants to keep your clients engage and perhaps drive towards closing a deal them. Having seating arrangements is perhaps one of the most important factors for converting interested, potential customers to actual sales lead that you can cash on later.



Lighting is a very basic determinant of the attention you can garner to your booths. Manipulating the lighting in your booths can help set you apart from what becomes a blur of multiple booths in the same area.

As you begin to create contrasts with the lighting you use, you emphasize your own presence amongst that of your competition. With some from the aids that you’re using, you can render your own presentations more noticeable even from long distances. This creates more room for you to attract a wider audience to yourself.


Sound Effects

Every good presenter knows that you can emphasize your words by adding a few sound effects to your presentations. Some well-placed audio cues can direct the attention of your listeners away from everything that happens around them and create a much more immersive experience. Exhibition booths also come installed with a sound system that you can use to exactly this advantage.

Always remember that your booth designer has created the booth with the purpose of maximizing your sales potential. As such the thought process that went into the design will always include some small variations that can be used to your advantage. Use them to the fullest to make your next exhibition a massive success.

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