How to Do the Perfect Planning Before a Trade Show?


It can be a little overwhelming when the trade show exhibit is just around the corner and you don’t have a clear cut strategy. Careful planning is extremely important. Exhibiting at an exhibition is different when compared to attending the exhibit displays. You need to have a carefully laid out detailed plan for the event activities for driving the attendees towards your booth and making a long-lasting impression.


Select the right trade show for the exhibit

There are thousands of exhibitions that take place around the world so it’s vital to choose the right one. Exhibitions not only are great for marketing but also increase brand awareness for launching new products and increasing your customer base. Know your exhibit goals and identify the shows that are best for your business. You need to learn about the shows that you want to invest in, learn about the objectives and then only finalize the exhibition that can help you attain your goals. Focus on the exhibition that attracts your kind of attendees and does ask questions to the organizers about the previous participants, a number of attendees, statistics, attendee demographics etc.


Selecting the perfect spot for the exhibition

The location has a great influence on your exhibit displays. You have to plan to register and reserve your space prior to the exhibition. To get a perfect high-traffic location then you should register as early as a possible i.e. minimum six months prior to the event. Research well, check the venue schedule and also visit other trade shows to get to know more. Know the dead spots where the customers don’t usually visit. Planning alone gets you the perfect spot.


Know well about your competition

Ask the organizer for the list of the exhibitors and understand who your competition is. Find out about their plans for the tradeshow exhibit design, their products, their marketing strategies, the technology they are going to use etc. for refining your own exhibition strategy. Communicate with your neighbors and establish a good relationship with them.


Prepare well for making an impact

To maximize your return on the investment, it is important for you to plan strategically. Implementing unique exhibition booth designs, planning the management of your exhibition stand, using a clear cut message and having engaging activities- all pile up to allure the attendees towards your both and make them customers.

Always be clear about your communication objectives and develop a standing theme which can convey the messages in an enticing manner to capture the people’s attention. Including gadgets, interactive games, iPads, interesting competitions etc. can help people get more engaged and revive your brand. Don’t forget the lighting which helps to put the spotlight on your tradeshow display. To catch the visitor’s eye, using perfect lighting can help in highlighting certain areas of your display. Manipulating the lights can help in creating different impressions.

Always plan ahead and be positive. You have to use this chance for increasing your customer base and show your personality. Don’t let the opportunity pass away. Use it wisely.