One Checklist That You Should Keep in Mind Before Attending Event Booth Rentals San Francisco

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), more than 14,000 trade shows are held in North America every year. People from across the globe gather in this part of the world to attend these marketing events.

Some plan on buying a product or service while others intend on expanding their networks. Whatever the case, it is safe to assume that at least 50% of attendees at an event are planning to do business in some shape or form.

The only problem is that with so many businesses participating, and each one showing exclusive products or offering amazing services, it can get really confusing and overwhelming for the attendees.

There are usually a large number of booths and not enough time to visit each and every one of them. This is precisely why it is important to prepare in advance and create a checklist that will allow you to navigate the trade show floor effortlessly.

So, if you are planning to attend event booth rentals in San Francisco and want to make sure that you have all your bases covered, take a look at our detailed checklist curated to help you make the most of your time:


Outline Your Trade Show Goals


It’s absolutely important for you to know why you’re choosing to attend a specific event. What kind of products or services do you seek? If you are a businessperson, then what problems are you looking to solve? Are you looking for short-term or long-term deals?

There are a number of questions that need answering. You would most likely be overwhelmed by the number of choices presented at any trade show. It’s because trade shows have become extremely competitive with a number of businesses setting-up their stalls. That’s why it’s crucial for you to have a plan in mind before you make your way around the trade show floor.


Do Your Research


Now that you know what your goals are, you can do the research required to pick the perfect show for your needs. There are a number of industry-specific events hosted every year. Look up the shows and check the names of the organizations who will be exhibiting. Find the show where most of the vendors you’re hoping to meet have a stall. This will enable you to get the maximum returns from a single event and save money in the process.

Some organizers may provide you with an online floor map days before the event. A number of events also have their own mobile applications. These will provide you with a list of vendors, maps of the show floor and any other essential information you may require.


Plan Your Spending Astutely


To ensure that you don’t end up spending more than you can afford, it’s important to draft a plan and then stick to it. Look for any beneficial promotions or discounts being offered by exhibitors while wandering the trade show floor. Getting the desired value for your money should be your utmost priority.

Settle for quality offerings instead of looking for short-term fixes. In other words, avoid being penny wise and pound foolish. You should also remember that you’re under no compulsion to make a purchase while the show is on. Instead, you could simply gather whatever information you require before spending a few days carefully weighing out all the pros and cons before deciding to make a purchase.


Balance Your Time


At any trade show, there are a number of booths to visit, seminars by experts of the industry and various demonstrations to attend. To make the most of your trip, you need to ensure that you balance your time well. Make a list of all the booths you would like to visit and find where they are on the event map.

Plan your way around the show floor so that you spend as little time navigating as possible. If there are a couple of seminars that you want to attend, plan your day at the show around that. Ensure that you also plan enough time to take short breaks to rest and eat through the day.

Looking for another one of our pro-tips? You’re in luck! If a show is running over multiple days, try and attend all the days. This way you can spread your booth visits out across 2-3 days, leaving you with more time to attend seminars, enjoy demonstrations and perhaps even find a good business partner along the way.


Line Up Meetings in Advance


Once you have a clear idea about the exhibitors you definitely want to meet at the event, call them up and ask if they’re willing to book a meeting. Most brands will be happy to give you a fixed appointment time during which you can find out all the information you need to.

Lining up your meetings will ensure that you can enjoy private, one-on-one time with the exhibitor. It also provides a bit more structure to your day and enables you to get the most out of your time at the show.


Nurture Older Relationships


It’s a known fact that most attendees visit trade shows to discover something new. That being said, it’s always important to reconnect with vendors and business partners with whom you already share a connection. By stopping by at their event booth rentals in San Francisco you can strengthen the relationship you have with them. You might also find that they’re launching a new product or service that may interest you and benefit your business.

The importance of this is best explained by SpireWorks’ COO, Jeff Rosenthal. According to him, “I like to have a destination and reach out ahead of time. I really enjoy seeing people I know and reconnecting. If they happen to have a product or service for me to look at, all the better.”


Don’t Forget to Socialize


Trade shows aren’t just about your relationship with the exhibiting brands. It’s also about making new connections in the industry and forging long-term partnerships. At times, you may find that another attendee could help your business in a way that none of the participants can. This is precisely why it’s important to socialize at trade shows and engage with as many people as possible.

You can also attend guest lectures and expert seminars for some interesting insights into your industry. In the long run, these insights could provide to be incredibly beneficial to you and your brand.


Sort Your Travel Plans


If you aren’t a San Francisco local, you will also have to think about how to travel to the city, where to stay and how to commute locally. Booking tickets and hotel rooms in advance is always a good idea since you might be able to save some money. Additionally, instead of staying in the same hotel where the trade show is taking place, look for serviced apartments within walking distance of the venue. Not only will this accommodation be cheaper, but it will also give you a little break from the event – should you need it.


Pack All the Essentials


Being prepared is the key to enjoying a flawless trade show experience. Make sure to pack all the important things that you need before starting for San Francisco. Here is a list of things that you should not leave at home:

1. Phone chargers: This goes without saying, but carrying your phone charger is an absolute must. You don’t want to be left stranded in the middle of the show floor without access to your trusty venue map.

2. A notebook: It might sound old school, but a notebook will help you jot down information conveniently. Even a small notepad should serve the purpose.

3. Comfortable shoes: You will be doing a lot of walking while exploring the trade show venue. So, it’s essential that you wear comfortable footwear.

4. Business cards: If you want something concrete to happen after the event, you are going to have to share your contact information with the exhibiting companies. The easiest way to do this is by handing them your business card.


Attending a trade show can be a little overwhelming, but with this checklist, you’re sure to enjoy a hassle-free experience.