Top 10 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Irresistible


Confused about where to start with your trade show booth development activities? To ease the stress of your sales team on the floor of the trade show and to increase the count of your visitors, it is very important for you to deploy a booth stand that brings out a powerful image of your brand before the audience and displays your brand story in the most seamless way.

We have listed some of the most important ways following which you can access an attractive, eye-catching and captivating trade show booth display for your next event.


You Need a Well-Chalked out Plan

Booths are not designed or manufactured in a day. Sometimes, it can even take more than a year to complete the designing aspect of trade show displays.

You must start planning for your trade show booth design months before you finalize your participation in the event. You would not have to rush things later and would be able to make all the necessary modifications at a later date, that would also save your time and effort.

To create an eye-catching display, it is of the utmost importance to think beyond the ordinary. Every trade show witnesses a beeline of participating brands. How can you make your brand stand out from the crowd? Start planning for your displays on these lines by following an unconventional approach to get maximum attention of visitors.


Utilize a Distinctive Color Palette

Usually, trade show audiences recognize a brand from the defined colors that they use. For instance, if you are a brand hailing from the industry of information technology, you would favor putting maximum use of blue in your design.

However, you must deploy a linear theme with respect to the color palette of your booth across all the definitive areas. Trade show audience must be able to connect with your brand easily. Color plays a very important part in sending the message that you are projecting to your audience.

It is very crucial to select the right color scheme that maintains the right balance between attracting your key audience and consolidating your brand identity at the same time.


Visually Powerful Content

Infusing a powerful visual content is a great way to register your brand in the minds of your targeted audience. In contrast to descriptive content, imagery can play a much better role in attracting your coveted audience.

Make sure to use industry-specific images to easily grab the attention of visitors that are themselves on the lookout to find a powerful brand to fulfill their business requirements. It has been observed that people connect with an expressive picture more than they can connect with anything else.

You can imbibe the idea of showing the end results of using your brand offerings, giving it an empathetic touch, to create an emotional reaction among people. This would not only motivate them to come and visit your booth but will also add to your brand popularity.


Showcase your USP

If you are competing in a trade show event with many other brands hailing from your industry vertical, it becomes significant for your brand to showcase your special features and key brand differentiators to attract the entire flock of visitors towards the side of your booth.

There are many small exhibitors who tend to use the strategy of luring visitors by offering discounts, freebies, and offers.

You need to prevent your visitors from getting attracted to any such booth stand by making your USP crystal clear. Display your best key features at the entry gate of your booth or at the passageway that is easily visible to the passer-by.

You can also utilize the backend panel of your booth stand to display all the benefits of using your brand in bold colors. Remember that you just have few seconds at a trade show to captivate the audience attention, you should use them wisely.


Effective Branding Strategy

The best booth display is the one that effortlessly promotes your brand without going overboard in any way. It doesn’t have a positive impression on the people if you try too hard with your branding in your booth display.

Try and deploy a smart strategy to promote your brand and augment your brand memory in the minds of your visitors. Keep it subtle and simple. Display your brand name and highlighted offering at the vanguard of your booth stand.

A successful trade show booth must have a perfect balance of branding, strategized display of the brand offerings and a powerful sales team to carry out all the operations smoothly and create positive outcomes with your trade show participation.


Large-scale Displays

To generate high-impact with your booth stand and capture the attention of your targeted audience in a limited timeline, integrate large-scale LED displays in your booth display.

It can very well give an impression of being a separate wall in itself. You participate in a trade show event to maximize your opportunities of generating business leads for your brand.

Portraying your key brand features via a big LED display would attract your targeted audience towards your booth that shall give a chance to your marketing team to get connected with them and share your brand philosophy with them. Participating in a trade show event is a costly affair, make sure that it counts well for your business development.


Demonstrate the Footprint of your Brand

To build your brand trust in the minds of your trade show audience, try to showcase the global footprint of your brand in a descriptive manner.

You can very well use your marketing team to fulfill this particular endeavor. You can put your global presence to display in your booth design to attract visitors in a much better way.

An established brand is always preferred than a start-up, and if you have a global presence, you must flaunt it in your booth display. Nowadays, professionals want to get precise information about a brand in an instant.

If you offer them descriptive information about your brand, its wide presence, and your success stories, you may very well be able to get a potential lead in your kitty.


Localize your Brand

Trade shows are universal in nature and they can be held in any part of the world. In such a scenario, it might turn out to be a challenge for your team to compete with the local brands that operate in the similar industry vertical.

To face it effortlessly, match your brand offerings with the local demands of the people and offer them comprehensive and better solutions in comparison to the competitors.

Understand the demographic details of the area, know their language, and customs to create a booth design that can easily connect with them in an emotional way.

Put forth strategies to zero down the gap with the local audience and solidifying your brand trust by offering them something that is unique, attractive and close to their culture at the same time.



Putting a mascot at display in your trade show booth would definitely attract the attention of your audience on a great scale. Most of the general exhibitions and trade show events are usually visited by families comprising children.

They can easily pinpoint an attractive mascot from afar. Your marketing team might get lucky if the parents of the child turn out to be a potential lead. Having created an emotional bond already, it wouldn’t take long for your team to win their confidence and turn them into a prospective customer.

You can also utilize your mascot for marketing endeavors. Leverage it to spread your brand message across the floor of the event with visiting cards or a creative message printed on it. In addition to being attractive, it is one of the most effective methods of increasing your visitors’ count at your booth.



Efficient Utilization of Wall Space

Make sure to use every vacant space in your booth to display your key brand differentiators and brand accessories. One of the great ways to do that is to make proper utilization of your booth walls.

Hang banners and creative accessories showcasing the relevant information that is easily traceable for your visitors once they come to visit your booth.

You can also put a vibrant and creative message at the backside of your walls to increase your visitors’ inquisitiveness. While making effective use of your walls for the branding purpose, try to avoid them from being cluttered in any way.

It is very important for you to send your messagae across clearly to visitors without any type of confusions.

Follow these tips and tricks when you approach a trade show service provider for your next trade show event. A perfect amalgamation of these methods in your booth design would undoubtedly offer you better ROI, augmentation of your brand value proposition and generation of maximum leads.

Remember that the design of your trade show booth is as important and significant as any of your marketing endeavors.