Mastering Trade Show Lead Follow-Up: The Must-Knows!

What makes a trade show a success? Lead generation.  As a business that has invested thousands on Orlando exhibit rentals and convention display, leads are a measure for ROI.

Trade shows and rental exhibits present the perfect opportunity to make an impact in the industry. But this is only achievable if you have taken the right steps in building a winning strategy.

For a convention display to make a mark they have to put a foolproof strategy in motion from the word, get-go. This includes the right location of the exhibition booth, the right choice of Orlando exhibit rentals and putting together the right team.

But what happens after the show? You need to work on effective lead follow-up, and that can be achieved by taking the following measures.

Align Your New Contacts

A trade show is a frenzy, and you will feel that when you are gathering the possible leads from the information that you have been given.

You will find this information in the form of business cards, random emails, post-it notes and even napkins. Some might argue that creating a form asking for details and distributing them to visitors is a better idea.

But this might not work with the craziness of the trade show experience. Customers do not want to spend hours at a single booth display as they are there to “shop.” Hence let them shop, and you gather the leads. When aligning your leads, you can now fill their information in spreadsheets with the required details.

Organize Them

Not all the information you have gathered is likely to land you a response. Hence, it is up to you to decide which of these leads is hot, cold or just warm.

Use principles of market segmentation to decide on how these leads need to be treated and followed up.

This also includes you regular customers; after all, they need to feel special. This segregation helps build solid customer relationships which translate into business more often than not.

Assign the Leads

Once you have organized the leads according to their priority, it is now time to assign them to your team. Go after the hot leads with your top sales executives.

This can certainly result in quick responses from the potential leads.

Next work on the Lukewarm leads with your marketing team and build future customers. For cold leads setting up emails for your future shows can convert them into interested customers.


Design a Follow-Up Plan

A recent study observed that over 72 % of customers do not respond due to generic marketing techniques. Where you have taken extra measures to choose the correct Orlando exhibit rentals for your show, you now need to put the same effort into lead follow up.

Customers now want customized experiences that are tailored to attract them. In case of your business, this is about sending the right invitation to the right business/customer. For example, a webinar with a certain hot lead does not hurt.

Taking your selling techniques step by step with Luke warm leads will eventually end up generating hot leads. For today’s customer, it is all about personalization.

Create your Message Carefully

Your message can be the making or breaking point of a deal. Begin with a thank you message for their visitation to your convention displays.

Next, choose a font and writing style that speaks for your company. If you are opting for HTML, the design should b in harmony with the other visuals of your company.

Designate a single call to action for all the messages you send. Designate individuals to review your work and make any changes according to the lead.

Keep Records

Remember the following-up is a journey, and you are bound to try a few times before you get a response with most leads.

Record each lead separately, and you will be aware of the progress you have made. Even after a promising response, you need to keep up the interaction with your lead to build a long-term B2B or B2C relationship.


Do not ignore any lead; even the coldest leads can end up bringing about business. The best way to measure the ROI of the trade show is to follow the leads generated from it under a separate head.

This will prepare you for further trade shows and their strategies.