Avoid These Common Trade show booth Storing Mistakes


You have decided to participate in a trade show and grab the opportunity to let your brand outshine in front of your prospects. For this, you have already done all the hard work – from choosing the right show, building a trade show booth that conveys your brand story to planning the marketing strategy for your exhibit rental. But there is one more important aspect of your booth design that is often neglected by exhibitors – the storing facilities at your booth.

Lack of storage and security at your booth might make you fumble as items in your booth will not have a place. This might also drive away existing clients and prospects from your exhibit or worse can also enable theft. Therefore, we want to share some of the most common trade show booth storing mistakes that you need to avoid while exhibiting.

Neglecting storage is a common mistake that most exhibitors are bound to make. To avoid this, you need to address your next trade show booth’s storage requirement. You need to start planning ahead for an organized and secured trade show or conference booth to set your brand up for success.


1. Not planning about Storage at all

With so much going on for your trade show preparation from looking trade show booth for rent to hiring staff to represent your brand at the trade show, the idea of storage might easily slip off with all the details in the planning process. But with no storage plan, you will end up with a cluttered booth space with boxes, and extra promotional materials filling up your exhibit rental space.

They need to go somewhere because having those things out in the open will ruin your brand appearance for the trade show. The white space concept in your booth design is one of the effective features to easily convey your brand message. Having open areas in your booth will help put emphasis on the areas that need to be highlighted. It will also divert your visitor’s attention naturally to your focal points such as products or catchy graphics etc.


2. Not considering booth design

While working on your trade show booth ideas, one of the crucial elements of your design should be making the most of the available booth space. The booth storage needs to take into account the design, requirements, and components of your booth.

For examples: some booth might not require much space for storage as they won’t have a lot of things to store while there might be some booths that may require to keep a lot of things handy such as freebies or promotional materials, extra signage or decorations, and additional brochures, pamphlets, and demo products.

Every exhibitor wants to utilize the available space to the optimum to sell their message and no one would want to waste a handful of storage space when they don’t actually need it to store anything. You can have a customized booth with built-in storage space. Make sure you think of the overall size of your exhibit rental that will give you a fair idea of using the square-feet that perfectly fits in.


3. Not Safeguarding the On-site Storage

With trade shows being jam-packed, you might feel dubious with the security at trade shows. You may find it difficult to trust even when you have a proper place to accommodate your exhibit things. Trade show security is always a crucial part of the event but it might become even more vital when you have to deal with easily stolen items such as electronics, jewelry, or other valuable items.

When you keep your exhibit rental clutter-free and have sufficient staff to overlook the booth, you can prevent such a burglary of small items. For this, you can consider locked display cases to secure your item and if you have a built-in storage space in your booth, then make sure it too has secure locks. While checking for security, ensure that it matches the value of the products you’re exhibiting at the event.

There are some trade show venues that offer on-site storage facilities to exhibitors for keeping their valuable items safe. And there are several venues among others who also appoint a security guard team on-duty even after hours for the show floor. It’s up to your will, whether to put trust on the venue’s security or not.

There are exhibitors worldwide who even hire armed guards for their booth or have a remote trade show surveillance while many might find it a poor investment. Actually, it all depends on your booth set up, the venue, and the value of what’s in your exhibit rental.

So, now that you know how to address storage on-site at your booth for your next trade show, make sure you take into consideration the above-mentioned points.