How to Boost Your Trade Show Sales with an Influencer?


Trade shows are an excellent way to step up your sales and gain brand recognition. However, without the proper strategies and know how, making your show a hit can be a difficult task. There are sometimes hundreds of businesses at these events all battling to net as many sales as possible at their trade show exhibits, so making your business stand out is the key to success.

Influencers are a great way to attract attention to your trade show displays. These people are renowned within social media. Their following is often in the thousands. Market studies have shown that people are more likely to buy into something recommended by an influencer rather than traditional advertising techniques.

So what steps do you take to become an influencer at your next trade show? In this article, we will go over how influencer tactics work and how to use them to boost your sales.

Influencers Start with Social Media

In today’s world, social media is king. Every influencer gets their start on social media platforms. It is there that they gather a large following by being charismatic, helpful, and by reviewing and recommending various products.

They are a type of internet celebrity that others look to for product suggestions. This type of marketing works because people are more likely to learn about and purchase products recommended by peers over traditional advertisements.

The first step to becoming an influencer at a trade show begins with social media. By creating charismatic and helpful content, you will begin gathering a following. This content includes videos, articles, and regular posts or updates. It is also possible to hire or enlist already established influencers to represent your business or products.

Using an Influencer to Advertise Your Trade Show

One of the keys to making your show a hit is bringing in as much attention as possible to your presence at the event. An influencer is an excellent way to accomplish this feat.

They can tell their followers that your business and products are top of the line and that you will be at an upcoming show.

If you are using trade show booth rentals, you will likely have pictures of what your display will look like. The influencer can showcase pictures of your trade show exhibits on social media so guests have an easier time finding your booth. The influencer can also bring attention to any special events or giveaways you have planned for the show.


How to Boost Your Trade Show Sales with an Influencer

Once you have launched or found your own influencer, and they have advertised your upcoming show, you are ready to put your strategy in action. Ideally, you want your influencer to be at your expo displays. It is there that your audience will be able to meet and interact with the influencer, which in turn will open the doorway to more sales.

Just like a normal salesperson, an influencer can greet guests at your trade show exhibits and open conversations about your products. Since people are already fans of the influencer, they are willing to put more trust into their words, and thus be more likely to invest in your products and services.

You can set up a time when the influencer can speak to the trade show audience as a whole, such as on a stage if the show is hosting such events. Their naturally charismatic attitude will draw in even more leads to your booth.


Influencers drive sales on social media, and in today’s world, social media dominates the online marketplace. It is there that people closely follow all the new trends and decide what is hot and what is worth buying into. Influencers are at the head of these trends, and greatly influence what people will buy or invest in.

By creating or hiring an influencer to represent your business and products, you can greatly increase your presence on social media. This will in turn boost the popularity at your trade show exhibits and in turn, raise your leads and sales.

We live in a technological era where using online platforms are not only necessary but are a key to making your business successful.