Island Trade Show Exhibits and How They Set You Apart

Nine Secrets to Effective Booth Design

Island trade show exhibit booths are a bigger expense in a number of ways. They cost more because they’re high quality and reap great benefits for the companies who use them.
There are some key differences to the booth layout with an island exhibit. Here are some of the points that set using this type of trade show booth apart from the rest.


9 Ways Island Booths Designs Differ From Other Types of Exhibits Designs

      • Easier for Convention Goers to Find. Island booths are a lot taller than the booths against the wall, which means that the convention goers will be able to see your booth from a pretty good distance. If you add your company branding both above the booth and at eye level, you’re in a good position to catch the attention of people walking down your isle and those who are still quite far away.


      • Professionally Set. Some companies will set their own booths when they only invest in smaller models and this won’t be an option with an island booth – you need to hire qualified staff to set up. That is an expense but the professionals in this industry are completely worth the cost because they will have your entire atmosphere looking spectacular and running well.


      • More Options in Design. Island Booth Exhibits are adaptable to the size of floor space you have. If you go to multiple conventions, you know that you won’t always have the same amount of room to work with. An island module can be made adaptable so that your booth always looks good and always fits the space.


      • The Isle Space. Having an island booth means that you’ll have isles on two or three sides of you. If you had a wall booth, you’d only have access to people passing directly in front of you. This offers a great advantage in networking with people.


      • Design intricacies. Because island booths are more intricately designed, they need to be professionally installed but they also usually need more time to be designed and planned for, even with professional staff. Make sure you’ve discussed this with your vendors.


      • Higher Staff Expenditure. Island booths offer a lot more space and options to meet and network, but that also means that you can’t send one or two employees to represent your whole company. You’ll need to invest in an entire team to manage the booth.


      • Can Include Private Space. Island booths can be designed with private space so that your staff can talk with people privately, away from the noise of the floor.


      • Higher Cost. Island booths do cost a significant amount more than a standard wall booth. This decision will likely be one that many people in the company will need to revue and sign off on.


      • Likely to Be a Rental Fee Rather Than Purchased Booth. Unless your company attends many conventions each year, an island booth is more likely to be a rental. Smaller booths will often be purchased to use at every convention over the years.


    Those are only 9 differences between island exhibits and those you’d find at the walls of a convention. Island booth design is very advantageous in a lot of ways, but you should be prepared for the expenses that come with them.

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