How is the Use of Tablets Changing Lead Management at Trade Shows?


Less is more. The trade show industry vertical is abuzz with new handy technological devices that are redefining workflow, streamlining data collection and retrieval for lead management and easing intra-team communication for better follow-up with leads to levels unimaginable before.

The integration of handy digital devices with the trade show exhibit design creates new avenues of generating a high value from participation in trade shows.

If you wish to translate your dreams into reality and want your product to garner optimum attention, investing in trade show exhibit rentals will be the right thing to do.

However, it is imperative to generate leads and transform them into prospective customers within a short time span.

With recent innovations gearing up to revolutionize lead management, brand presenters have quite a few exciting opportunities in this regard.


The Emergence of Tablets

Since the advent of the tablet revolution in 2010, trade show organizers have got an effective mode for product promotions. Stats suggest that almost 42% of adults (people who are 18 years and above) own and use tablets regularly.

That presents a crystal clear picture of its popularity and importance. Whether it’s a simple tablet device or the ones with advanced features, this piece of tech innovation is always useful for popularizing trade show displays.

Here’s a quick sneak-peek into how tablets help in lead management at these trade shows:

  • Lead gathering
  • Scanning business cards
  • Creating sales presentations
  • Gaining access to websites
  • Creates a strong visual impact for brands
  • Engaging with social media attendees
  • Signing up for exciting contests

These are some of the ways tablets are used today. When it comes to carving a distinctive niche in the professional landscape and outperforming competitors at trade shows, tablets can prove to be the right technological aids.


Adding value to your booth


Brand exhibitors are always looking for the right ways of showcasing their products. Apart from appointing the right team of booth staffers, it is also crucial to install a device which works for trade show exhibit rentals.

You would surely wish to leave indelible impressions on your targeted prospects and change them into potential customers.

The following ways will act as guidelines in this regard:


  • Product Demonstrations

Tablets have the power to invoke curiosity and excitement amongst potential visitors by bringing product demonstrations to life. They will want to stop at your exhibits and check out the products. At the end of the day, you will marvel at the total footfall at your kiosk.


  •  Lucid Communications

When you are showcasing products at a trade show, it might become difficult to engage in one-to-one interactions and clear doubts about the item.

It isn’t always possible to talk to every visitor. With a tablet, you can easily answer their questions and provide replies to individual queries as well.


  •  Stay UpdatedUpdate

It isn’t justified to expect that the booth staff or your sales representatives would be ever-ready to handle critical questions.

However, it is also crucial to give the right information and news to a prospective visitor. A tablet at the custom trade show exhibits will make sure you get updated and accurate information right at the fingertips.


  •  Bring Presentations to Life

Imagine viewing a product demo with compelling illustrations and captivating visuals.

With exciting handheld devices like tablets, you can create presentations, add videos, integrate illustrations, and showcase vibrant images in front of audience. These aspects put together will surely capture their attention to a great extent.


Data Collection

Gone are the days when manual data collection methods were useful and effective.

Today you have the opportunity to save millions of contacts with a single tap and refer to them as and when required.

You can collect crucial information, store them in a single location, and use them according to needs.


  • No Paperwork

Integrated communications and automated processes lead to effective lead management. The more you reduce paperwork, the more functional you become. It will be easy to keep a track of those coming to your booth rental and viewing your products.


  • Customization

Every brand presenter will have some dreams about the demonstration of his creation. You just can’t deny the significance of personalized approaches when it comes to putting up a product for sale.

It’s here that tablets serve as the perfect foil for adding a personal touch to product promotions.


  •  Nurturing Business Relationships

When you know what a certain group of clients expect from your brand, it’s easy to develop promotional strategies for them.

Tablets can help you in personalizing marketing approaches, which in turn will provide impetus to business-client relationship. Brand exhibitors will have the perfect opportunity to nurture relationships with the potential prospects.


  • Influence Purchase Decisions

At a trade show booth or custom trade show exhibits, you will come across two groups of visitors. The first group enters the event with an open mind while the other has some plans and preconceived ideas.

Catering to both the groups is important, as you stand a good chance to influence their purchase moves. With a tablet, creative conceptualization, and unique ideas, you can come up with strategies that actually have the power to change purchase decisions.


  • Instant Follow-Ups

The time taken to follow up a lead should be kept to a minimum given that can affect business profits to a great extent. Don’t let a prospective client forget your brand or take too much time to make evaluations.

Automated technological aids give you the desired support to tap into the right areas and reach out to potential prospects. Tablets can add a lot of value to your offerings as well as the organization.

You gain the opportunity to captivate customers, attract them towards your product, and accelerate bottom lines. All you need to do is think of an extraordinary trade show booth design ideas and leverage tablets to their complete potentials.


Tips for the Right Usage of Tablets at Trade Shows

If you are gearing up to install a tablet at your custom trade show booth this year, make sure you get things right. Design and plan the entire process in an effective and unique way thus taking your sales objectives forward.

Here’s how you can make the most of this powerful device:


  • Use it As an Aid

Your booth staff should consider the tablet to be a useful aid and not the sole representation of the product. They can seek support from the device whenever they need to, but under no circumstances should ignore one-to-one communications.


  • Enable Lead Gatherings

Equip your tablet in a way that makes it the perfect device for gathering leads. Collecting crucial information about potential visitors and storing them effectively is important. Tablets will help your booth staff in this context.


  • Secured Access

Make sure that knowledgeable staff is assigned to access and operate the device. Authorized access and protected handling of business data is of paramount significance. It is always better to place tablets in secured booths and locked kiosks.


  • Load External Data Packs

You never know whether you have to set up your custom trade show exhibits in a hall that doesn’t offer uninterrupted Wi-Fi connections. Always load the device with external data packs and be prepared for presentations.


  •  Identify Charging Stations

Easy access to charging stations is crucial. You won’t want your tablet to turn off in the middle of a demonstration.

Keep a note of the charging points and make sure you put it on charge before the device runs out of it.


  •  Clean the Tablet

Numerous visitors and customers will be touching your device throughout the day. Train your staff at the trade show exhibit rentals and teach them how to clean the tablet properly. Keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer and cloth within reach will work.


Integrating Tablets into Present Booth Structure

As a brand presenter or exhibitor, integrating tablets into present trade show booth displays can be challenging. You will need to consider certain aspects like the booth structure, design, product appearance, provisions available at the place, and several other factors as well.

It’s always judicious to have face-to-face interactions with your booth designers and let them know what you want. Ask your booth designer to provide you with adequate charging stations.

Your tablet will never run out of charge in between presentations.  You can also ask for routers on rent or applications like AppDataRom from the booth designer or organizer. With these apps, you won’t have to worry about accessing files without internet.

While quite a few trade shows are readily embracing the idea of integrating tablets into existing trade show exhibit design principles, some of them are still lagging behind.

Both brand exhibitors and trade show organizers have to come forward and gain in-depth ideas about integrating tablets to augment the lead generation potential at trade show. That way, it will be easier to leverage the device and make the most it.

If you wish to take your lead generation and management strategies to great heights, the right application and usage of tablets will surely be of immense value.