We have weaved stories of multiple brands over the years but some alliances are remembered more than the others. One such experience was working an exceptional booth design for Firmenich, a leading fragrance and flavors company located in Switzerland. It is the largest private company in its niche, serving the community for about 120 years now. Firmenich is a family owned business that has strengthened its mark around the globe with its dedication and brilliance.



The company contacted us from France with specific requirements. They wanted our team to produce a design compliant with their brand’s image for the World Perfumery Congress 2016, Miami.  Being one of the most esteemed in their industry, they asked for a classic and elegant exhibit design. They were looking for a design that would reflect their world-class products and would do justice to their 120 year old legacy.

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We were well aware of the company’s brand image and our creative team sat together to produce a unique theme. We produced an exhibit that had enough branding opportunities and yet did not lose out on a plush appeal. The white luxury seating, the premium rug flooring and the dim lights created a warm and comfortable ambiance at the booth. The graphics proved magnetic. Company’s history and legacy was communicated through beautiful danglings and full-size graphical walls. The ample space available allowed the creation of a spacious seating area that facilitated a whole-new level of customer interaction.




With our hard work paying off really well, Firmenich exhibit design delivered the expected results. The company’s concept of sustainability reflected in the overall design. They managed to garner a huge number of excited visitors who appreciated the booth ambience and also emerged as quality leads for the company.



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